Youth in clean energy Webinar & Workshop Series

The series will discuss the advancement of just and clean energy transitions, sustainable energy planning, clean energy policies, and financing opportunities.

Youth in clean energy Webinar & Workshop Series

The series will spotlight decarbonization and low-emissions generation systems. It will discuss the advancement of just and clean energy transitions, sustainable energy planning, clean energy policies, and financing opportunities.

The webinar series is open for all to attend and will address the following questions:

  • Can nuclear energy in combination with renewables accelerate progress on energy and climate goals quickly, affordably, and justly?
  • How can clean energy conserve the environment, uplift communities, and help develop a diverse and talented workforce of the future?
  • What unique roles can different clean energy sources play in balanced energy systems globally, giving consideration to the full array of energy demands

While the webinars will be open to all to attend, the workshops will be comprised of youth-only participants. The youth participants will engage in interactive dialogue and content creation to be shared via social media and at international conferences.

Webinar 1: Roles for Nuclear Power in Low Carbon Energy Systems to Achieve Just and Clean Energy Transitions

Register April 8 9-10:30 am EST

Register to Webinar 2: Policy & Financing Lessons: Advancing Energy and Climate Goals with Low Carbon Energy Systems

Register April 22 9-10:30 am EST


To accommodate all time zones, each workshop will be held twice at two different times. Please register for ONE time per workshop.

Workshop 1: Communicating Your Story in Relation to Just and Clean Energy Transitions

Register April 15th 9-11 am EST                                                  Register April 15th 8-10 pm EST

Workshop 2: Impact of International and Regional Energy Policies on Youth

Register April 29th 9-11 am EST                                                  Register April 29th 8-10 pm EST

Youth in Clean Energy Webinars


Welcome Remarks

  • Giulia Bisconti – Senior Advisor, Office of Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy and Lead Countries Team Member, NICE Future initiative, Clean Energy Ministerial
  • Kelsy Green – Climate Change Project Chair, International Youth Nuclear Congress



  • John C.H. Lindberg – Public Affairs Manager, World Nuclear Association
  • Cristian Vega – Vice President, International Youth Nuclear Congress



  • Annette Hollas – Chair, C3E International, Clean Energy Ministerial; Chair, Empowering People initiative, Clean Energy Ministerial; and Manager, Natural Resources Canada
  • Kamal Araj – Vice Chairman Commissioner for Nuclear Power Reactors, Jordan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Shannon M. Bragg-Sitton – Lead, Integrated Energy Systems, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Henri Paillère – Head, Planning and Economic Studies Section, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Michel Berthélemy– Economist, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Nuclear Energy Agency
  • Christine King– Director Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear
  • Seth Kofi Debrah– Senior Research Scientific Officer, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
  • Lena Andriolo– President, International Youth Nuclear Congress
  • With more to be announced!


Youth in Clean Energy Workshops


Workshop 1 will teach participants how to relate their life story, their work, and their interest in clean energy technologies according to storytelling principles. It will cover the following topics:

  • how to discuss low carbon energy systems generally (including nuclear and renewables)
  • how to approach basic stakeholder mapping
  • how to develop messages on what the participants learned for different stakeholder groups

The workshop will culminate in participants relating their own stories to just and clean energy transitions. The participants will turn their stories into social media posts that will be entered into a contest. The winning posts will be shared during Webinar 2. The workshop will be led by Jeremy Gordon from Fluent in Energy.

Workshop 2 will discuss how international and regional policies directly affect people with a focus on youth. The participants will develop messages explaining how energy policies have directly affected their lives & brainstorm how youth perspectives could be better represented in clean energy transitions. The desired outcome is for the stories and ideas to be shared during events at the Clean Energy Ministerial 2021.

About the webinar co-sponsors:


The CEM NICE Future initiative envisions a world where nuclear innovation advances clean energy goals and provides societal benefits, in part by fostering a highly talented, motivated, and diverse workforce of the future. Launched by ministers at the Ninth CEM (Copenhagen, May 2018) under the leadership of the United States, Canada, and Japan, the NICE Future initiative comprises 12 countries and 16 partner organizations and has engaged experts from more than 60 countries and 80 organizations through its events.  More information can be found at  To receive updates, please join our mailing list.

IYNC is a global network of the future generation of professionals in the nuclear field dedicated to developing new approaches to communicating the benefits of nuclear power as part of a balanced energy mix, to promoting further peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology for the welfare of humankind, and to working to transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists to the next generation across international boundaries. For more information, see To receive updates, please join our mailing list.

Equal by 30 is a public commitment by public and private sector organizations to work towards equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030. Equal by 30 asks organizations, companies and governments to endorse principles, then take concrete action to accelerate the participation of women in the clean energy sector and close the gender gap. Equal by 30 was launched on May 2018 at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in Copenhagen. It operates under the banner of the Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Initiative, which works to enable greater gender diversity in clean energy professions. Learn more at

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