IYNC2022 will take place in Koryiama, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, from November 27 to Dec. 2, 2022!

The conference, originally scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia, will provide a forum for young professionals in the nuclear field to discuss and collaborate on knowledge transfer, nuclear science and technology research and implementation, professional development, and communication. In particular, the conference brings together young professionals that are looking to further their careers and senior leaders that are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with younger generation.

Every 2 years, about 400 young specialists from all over the world take part in the congress and discuss the current challenges of the nuclear industry and exchange experience. The atmosphere of international communication allows each participant to unlock their potential, meet outstanding people and become a part of the international community of professionals.

The theme of the upcoming installment of our traditional conference series is “You are the core”. Behind every technological innovation are personal stories, full of individual curiosity and commitment. We hope that the event will allow us to explore the human-driven narratives behind all that there is to nuclear – and we encourage you to contribute from the standpoint of your biographies, experiences, dreams and expectations, both personal and professional.

About the Organizers:

  • IYNC is a global non-profit organization connecting students and young professionals engaged in all areas of peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. We proudly embrace representatives from 45 countries and six continents. One of our central goals is to transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading nuclear professionals to the next generation. Click here to learn more about IYNC.
  • JYGN (Japan Young Generation Network) is a liaison committee in Atomic Energy Society of Japan, which engaged in activities to bring out the vitality of young people and enhance their expertise and abilities by strengthening cooperation among young generations involved in the nuclear field. The number of JYGN member is over 300. It aims to revitalize nuclear industry, contribute to the nuclear technology development, solve various problems, and foster young people.