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Who Are We?

The International Youth Nuclear Congress serves as a catalyst for fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation in the nuclear industry, and in particular among young professionals and students. Our community represents a diverse tapestry of individuals committed to advancing the peaceful use of nuclear technology and its role in addressing global energy challenges.

At the International Youth Nuclear Congress, we believe in the power of the younger generation to drive positive change. Through conferences, workshops, and networking opportunities, we provide a vibrant space for sharing insights, learning from established experts, and empowering the next wave of leaders in nuclear science and technology.

Our mission is to promote the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology to meet the world’s growing energy demands while striving for a sustainable and low-carbon future. We support initiatives that champion safety, innovation, and the responsible utilization of nuclear energy.

Join us in our endeavor to explore, learn, and collaborate, as together, we navigate the frontiers of nuclear technology, inspire innovation, and pave the way for a brighter, cleaner energy landscape.

Our Mission

  • Inspire Transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists to the next generation and across international boundaries.
  • Empower Facilitate youth participation in decision-making processes
  • Pioneer Promote peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology for the welfare of mankind and as part of a diverse energy mix.

Our Values

  • Empowerment We are committed to nurturing resilience, self-assurance, and self-determination as catalysts for achieving excellence.
  • Unity We believe celebrating diverse abilities, cultures, identities, and opinions is the driving force that fortifies and enriches our organization.
  • Leadership We’re not just preparing our youth to enter the workforce - we’re preparing them to lead it, to improve it, to completely and totally transform it.


Recognizing the imperative for global cooperation, young professionals in the nuclear industry took proactive steps, culminating in the conception of the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) in 1997. Their vision centered around the belief that the combined efforts of youth organizations worldwide, committed to advancing the nuclear industry within their respective nations, could yield more substantial and far-reaching impact on an international level.

This initiative gathered momentum at the International Forum “Youth and the Plutonium Challenge,” held in Obninsk, Russia, during the summer of 1998. Participants reaffirmed their eagerness to host the Congress, and the inaugural organizational meeting transpired later that same year during the European Nuclear Congress in Nice, France. Representatives from Russia, France, the United States, and Slovakia collaborated during this meeting to delineate and articulate the mission of the IYNC.