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Leaders4Nuclear (L4N) seeks to address the need for a talent pipeline to empower youth participation in international, regional and domestic forums to facilitate intergenerational decision-making around nuclear applications; nuclear energy; and nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation.

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Applications close on 26 March 2024.

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Applications close on 5 April 2024.

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Program Objectives

  • Leadership Preparation: L4N's primary goal is to empower young professionals to take on leadership roles within the nuclear sector. We believe that they are already leaders in their own right and should be actively included in decision-making tables.
  • Diversity Enhancement: L4N aims to enhance diversity within the nuclear sector by promoting a generational angle. Young professionals bring fresh perspectives to traditional concepts, contributing to better solutions and innovation.
  • Technical Contribution: Participants will make meaningful technical contributions to industry discussions.

Program Structure

L4N is structured into three specialized tracks:

  • Nuclear Applications: Focusing on cutting-edge nuclear technologies outside the power industry.
  • Nuclear Power: Exploring the intricacies of nuclear power generation, management and new reactors technologies.
  • Nuclear Safeguards: Addressing the critical area of nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation.

In addition to technical tracks, all participants will undergo comprehensive soft skills development, covering communication, leadership, and more. The program blends theory and practical experiences to ensure well-rounded professional growth.

Target Audience

L4N welcomes applications from young professionals worldwide, who have between two and ten years of work experience in the nuclear sector. Participants will be selected through a rigorous committee-led process and are required to commit to attending all program activities.

Delivery Method

While the program will predominantly be conducted online, we aspire for the pilot to hold in-person sessions during the IYNC2024 conference. This offers a unique networking opportunity for participants to interact not only with each other but also with global nuclear professionals, enhancing their development.

We are also partnering with different organizations from all over the world, specifically youth organizations, to leverage their already existing programs and promote networking opportunities and the inclusion of geographical diversity within the program. Thus, L4N is founded on the principle of “youth empowering youth”.

Interested in knowing more about or sponsoring our Leaders4Nuclear Program? Contact our Professional Development Officer at