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Technical Tours

Behind the Scenes of Nuclear Excellence

Take a step beyond the conference venue and explore local nuclear facilities and research centers. Our technical tours offer an exclusive glimpse into the practical application of nuclear science. Engage with cutting-edge technologies, meet industry professionals, and witness firsthand the impact of nuclear advancements in the local context.

Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

Embark on a visit to the Barakah Plant, the UAE’s inaugural Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). As a pioneering facility, it symbolizes the nation’s commitment to sustainable energy. Explore operational units and the Operations Training Center, featuring a full-scope simulator and a virtual reality replica of the plant. This journey provides a unique glimpse into advanced nuclear technology, emphasizing safety, training, and excellence in the pursuit of sustainable energy.

Emirates Nuclear Technology Center

Visit the Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi to explore the Emirates Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC), the foundation of the UAE’s nuclear energy Research and Development (R&D) program, boasting a variety of intriguing facilities.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Discover the leading radiological facilities in the UAE at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, boasting world-class imaging and diagnostic technology. Take a tour of the clinic’s facilities to witness firsthand the most cutting-edge technologies utilized in radiology today.

Technology Innovation Institute

Visit the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a premier global research center committed to advancing the boundaries of knowledge, fortifying Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s position as an R&D hub and a pioneer in groundbreaking technologies.

TII encompasses various research sectors, delving into fields such as Quantum Computing, Autonomous Robotics, Directed Energy, Secure Systems, Advanced Materials, Digital Security, and Cryptography. Key facilities within TII include the first Quantum Computer in the Arab World, the MENA region’s inaugural state-of-the-art Impact lab, and an exceptional motion capture facility.

Masdar City

Visit Masdar City, a trailblazer in sustainability, serving as a focal point for research and development that leads the way in innovations for achieving greener and more sustainable urban living. The city is a thriving center for clean-tech, featuring a rapidly expanding cluster, a business free zone, and a residential neighborhood complete with restaurants, shops, and public green spaces.

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence

Visit the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi, a distinguished graduate-level, research-focused academic institution providing specialized degree programs for both local and international students in the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

Dedicated to advancing scientific research, development, transfer, and utilization of Artificial Intelligence, MBZUAI introduces MSc and Ph.D. programs. These programs empower students to realize their intellectual potential within a cutting-edge environment, fostering a commitment to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence.