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The International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) is excited to announce that the IYNC2020 conference will be held in Sydney, Australia, in March 2020 under the theme “Diversity in Nuclear.”

The Australian Young Generation in Nuclear (AusYGN) bid to host this congress at IYNCWIN18 and was selected by the IYNC Board of Directors. See their bid 100 trends video below:

AusYGN is a developed, diverse and passionate group of young individuals whose values align with IYNC in advocating the peaceful uses of nuclear science and ensuring.This conference aims to support the emerging generation of future leaders in the nuclear industry. Australian Young Generation in Nuclear is committed to ensuring all Australians continue to gain the maximum benefit from nuclear science and technology tomorrow, by engaging and supporting young Australians today.

IYNC and AusYGN are delivering the conference under the theme “Diversity in Nuclear,” reflecting the multi-faceted nature of Australia’s nuclear portfolio and the broader international community. This theme also reflects our commitment to promoting gender equity and addressing diversity issues within the nuclear industry.

You can download the Congress Brochure here.

Interested in sponsoring the IYNC2020 Congress? Check out the Sponsorship Packages!

The mission of IYNC2020 is to promote and enable the diversity of people engaged in the many peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. The objectives of the conference will be to:

  • Promote and encourage diversity of people in terms of gender, culture, educational background, and professional experience.
  • Showcase the diversity in the peaceful uses and applications of nuclear science and technology.
  • Encourage interaction for sharing of knowledge and ideas between people of different personal and professional backgrounds and different generations of nuclear experts.

We look forward to seeing you at IYNC2020 and stay tuned for more information!