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I4N is IYNC`s International Innovation Contest. The purpose of the Innovation Contest is to reward innovative ideas focused on nuclear technologies or applications that will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The contest will also give a platform for the visibility and discussion of these ideas and catalyze young energy into thinking about and creating innovative solutions.

I4N aims at being the world-wide competition of winners from national or regional nuclear innovation contests.
Thus :

  • IYNC engage with existing innovation contests from national YGN or other institutions in line with IYNC
  • IYNC support and promote the development of new national or regional nuclear innovation contests.
  • All the winning teams from these local contests become participants for I4N, competing for the position of international winner during IYNC’s Congress. IYNC will provide a travel grant to each team to attend the event.

The I4N contest is open to young professionals and students (up to and including 40 years old at the time of the IYNC Congress).
There is no restriction on people’s background (technical, economy, sociology, communication… and from academia, industry, regulatory…). Please find a presentation of the contest here

Winners of our innovation contest partners are eligible to participate in this world-wide competition and will receive a financial aid for travel expenses.

A panel of experts will judge the contestants to choose two international winners for I4N 2020, one for each of these categories of ideas will be rewarded:

  • technological project or research
  • organizational/societal project or research

The first two editions of the contest were great successes. For the third edition in 2022, IYNC aims at having more partners (national or regional nuclear innovation contest) and from all around the world.

In 2021, the first European Nuclear Innovation Contest is launched by the organizing team of the ENSGF and IYNC. If you want to have more information, visit here